DREAMGRIP Evolution 2 MOJO Universal Modular Video Rig for All Smartphones, DSLR, Action Cameras – Complete Journalist Kit w/52-37-17mm Optics Adapter/Hood/2Filters/Gun Microphone/2LED Lights,etc

Price: $189.90
(as of Jul 18,2021 02:25:25 UTC – Details)

Product Description

dreamgrip,smartphone video rig,lens adapter,smartphone camera accessories,evolution mojo,rigdreamgrip,smartphone video rig,lens adapter,smartphone camera accessories,evolution mojo,rig

DREAMGRIP EVOLUTION MOJO is the KIT of Evolution Rig with a number of useful accessories to equip a mobile journalist with the basic set of tools.

The detailed information about Evolution Rig and accessories you may check if look through DREAMGRIP EVOLUTION PRO set description here.

DREAMGRIP EVOLUTION MOJO includes the Rig with all accessories of Evolution PRO set, but features extra:

– two 36LED lights with accumulators and USB charging cables;
– original DREAMGRIP wired Gun Microphone with universal mount;
– extra clamp holder with connection bolt to accommodate a power bank or an extra phone as a monitor or second camera.

To have more information of the connection and assembling options you may download or brows the User Manual here.

LED lights have integrated wheel dimmer to adjust the brightness within 10-100%. Li-ion accumulator (1 pc included for each light) has enough capacity to keep the light with 100% brightness about 60 min. The accumulator can be charged with USB cable (1 pc included for each light) from any USB power supply. You can also use a power bank to charge the lights while they are on, so the discharge time will depend on your USB power output and can be extended with no particular limit thereof. You also can recharge accumulators anytime at home, in your car, or on the go. For more information please check Specifications or refer to User Manual.

DREAMGRIP Gun Microphone is passive condenser mic with spring wire and universal 3,5 Jack connector. It is a good choice for outdoor video or situated interviews rather than studio records. Microphone will capture the dominated sound from the pointed source within 1-3 meters while surround sounds will form a background. For a very noisy environment you may need to record from the closer distance to ensure the selected sound source obviously dominates over the background noise.

Universal 3,5 Jack connector provides compatibility of the Gun Microphone with any smartphone or any other device that works with a standard headset or passive microphone and is equipped with the standard 3,5 Jack nest. To connect Gun Microphone to iPhone you may need to use a connector of Apple – to 3,5 Jack that comes with your phone.

DREAMGRIP EVOLUTION MOJO KIT has also the extra clamp holder included. You can use it to mount a power bank or another phone. The second phone can serve as a teleprompter, second camera, or back view broadcasting monitor. The last option is useful in case of life streaming with your back camera on the main phone, so if the second phone is connected to the streaming session (via Facebook or any other steaming service provider) and then faces the streamer, – he can see the follower’s comments and reply in a live dialog.


2.Adjustable strap
3.Moulded strap stoppers (3 types)
4.CPL filter 52mm CPL w/pp protection bag
5.ND2 filter 52mm ND2 w/pp protection bag
6.Black paper folded Filter Box
7.37-52 anodized aluminum vent hood
8.Black paper folded Hood flip Box
9.Double coated light absorbing PVC Blinder
10.Blinder 1/8″ standard stainless steel Bolt
11.Blinder 1/8″ stainless steel Bolt w/silicon gasket
12.Spare (+2) 1/4″ Original Bolt
13.1/4″ Double Bolt w/two silicon gaskets
14.Extra Clamp holder
15.36 LED lights
16.USB light charging cable
17.Li-ion 900 mAh Battery for lights
18.Gun mic with wind shield and standard 3,5 Jack
19.Microphone mount
20.Universal Retail Gift box w/EURO Hook
21Super cover (with local languages)

dreamgrip, smartphone optics, smartphone video rig, iphone lens attachment,lens adapter, video rigdreamgrip, smartphone optics, smartphone video rig, iphone lens attachment,lens adapter, video rig

DREAMGRIP EcoSystem: Universal. Modular. Open.

DREAMGRIP Evolution is the most advanced contemporary Open ECO-system designed for any Creator regardless the level his/her previous experience to assist in mounting and connection of external photo/video/sound accessories and extensions to empower the production of professional quality visual content with just a smartphone.

DREAMGRIP Evolution video rig is 100% compatible with all smartphones available on the market including solo, dual, and multi-camera models. The compatibility achieved thanks to the patented original construction that allows to adjust positions of Modules to be aligned easily with any phone of any size and any camera(s) location.

dreamgrip,smartphone video rig, camera grip,universal rig,smartphone lens adapter,evolution mojodreamgrip,smartphone video rig, camera grip,universal rig,smartphone lens adapter,evolution mojo

Modular Transformable Universal video Rig system

The Evolution MOJO video rig set includes the most a Creator may need for video production – two external video lights and the pointed gun microphone. It also features two molded anatomical grips and two high-grade aluminum tracks to form the rig frame, two clamp holders, and the Optical Module with 17,37, and 52mm threaded connectors. The set yet includes 52mm hood, ND and CPL 52mm filters, backlight blinder, and a number of different bolts to enable secure and tight connections of modules and other external accessories.

dreamgrip,smartphone video rig,grip,universal rig,smartphone lens adapter,led lights for smartphonedreamgrip,smartphone video rig,grip,universal rig,smartphone lens adapter,led lights for smartphone

Two included powerful 36*LED lamps feature the maximum of 180 lumens each (the equivalent of the light from 360 candles for two) with dimmable light emission power. It is enough to have a clear video of a human face from 3 to 5 meters distance in a completely dark environment. The lamps come with certified Li-Ion accumulators, which are capable to empower them for at least 1 hour with the said maximum light emission and up to 5 hours on the dimmed modes. The batteries are rechargeable with the charging cables (included) from any USB charger, or a laptop, or external power bank right during shooting EVEN when the light is currently on. For simultaneous charging the external power bank can be mounted on the Rig with the spare clamp holder (included).

smartphone video rig,universal lens adapter,gun microphone for smartphone,smartphone microphonesmartphone video rig,universal lens adapter,gun microphone for smartphone,smartphone microphone

The pointed Gun microphone designed for sound capturing/interviews mainly outdoor to record clear and reach dominated voice over a noise of background environment. The microphone is the best choice for city streets, crowded places, other scenes with a human voice to be recorded over plural side sound sources background. The microphone comes with track/cold shoe snap mount, foam wind shield, and features 3,5 Jack audio cable connector. To use it with an iPhone a standard connector Jack to the lightning port is needed (not included, normally comes in a set with your iPhone).

dreamgrip,smartphone video rig, camera grip,universal rig,smartphone lens adapter,evolution mojodreamgrip,smartphone video rig, camera grip,universal rig,smartphone lens adapter,evolution mojo

DREAMGRIP EcoSystem: Modules, Products, and Kits

The DREAMGRIP Evolution Rig System can simultaneously carry several phones and/or cameras together with a plurality of accessories like external lights (even more or different from the two included), microphone(s), extra monitor(s), and optics like lenses, filters, and DoF adapters to connect DSLR lenses. And with all the items mounted on it – the Rig will keep the extraordinary weight balance, can be conveniently handheld, mounted on a tripod or securely attached with extra connection means to almost any surfaces and objects indoor and outdoor. It can be fixed on a bike, inside/outside a car, yacht, or anywhere you need the camera to be placed, but for that additional accessories and products from DREAMGRIP or other suppliers may be needed. The Evolution MOJO video rig set has the best unbeatable P/Q ratio if one will compare it with any alternative solutions on the market worldwide.

Includes directional microphone, 2 dimmable 36LED Lamps (built-in battery + USB chargers), Optics Module with 17-37-52mm connectors, 52mm hood, 52mm CPL and ND filters, ¼” tripod mount connector, and more accessories to kick out video production instantly.
The Evolution video rig is COMPATIBLE with smartphones, DSLR and action cameras, and can carry a combination of them. Improved Optics Module is compatible with ANY New phones and multi-camera systems, it provides easy connection for external optics and accessories like filters, shadow hood, and the external lenses for cinematic video effects.
ENHANCED PATENTED TRACKS provide better durability to the rig frame and can accommodate plurality of accessories all along its length. The original connection pattern on track ends enables a choice of 5 positions for grips that increases the number of possible setup options to make the best custom fit support gears.
EXTRA accessories and connectors are included to provide vertical layout options for smartphone shooting as well as traditional horizontal layout, so that operator can enjoy shooting with two cameras on the same rig and yet combine different layout of the footage for a better fit of desired streaming or video sharing channels.
New BARNDOORS SYSTEM on LED lamps helps to direct and manage the light intensity together with a standard dimmer. It also makes the new recognizable look to the most complete and professional video rig kit from DREAMGRIP – The Evolution 2020 MOJO.

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Wo lamhe bhi bade hasin lagte the

Wo lamhe bhi bade hasin lagte theJo college me ghumte hue nikalte the Wo bachpan k kisso se sarabor honaCollege...

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