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Disadvantages of refined flour

Disadvantages of refined flour


Disadvantages of refined flour : We see that in urban life, most people like to eat bread in the morning. Apart from this, people also eat a lot of Paratha, Puri, Kulcha, Naan etc. of Refined Flour. Perhaps you would know that maida is also used to make pizza, burger, momos, biscuit etc., which affect our health badly somewhere. Excessive consumption of these things can make you sick. In such a situation, if you are also fond of eating refined flour and things made from it, then this news is of your use.

How is Maida prepared?
According to diet expert Dr. Ranjana Singh, both flour and maida are made from wheat, but the process of making both is different. While making the flour, the upper shell of wheat is not removed, which is an excellent dietary fiber. These are very important elements for our body, while in the process of making flour, the flour is ground more finely and the fiber is removed. Due to which no nutrients and dietary fiber are saved in it. Therefore it is injurious to health.

How is flour harmful to the body
Dr Ranjana Singh says that in the absence of dietary fiber, flour becomes very greasy and fine, due to which it starts sticking in the intestines. Due to this there can also be a problem of constipation and it can also become the reason for indigestion.

Disadvantages of consuming flour and things prepared from it

raises cholesterol

According to diet expert Dr Ranjana Singh, there is a high amount of starch in maida, due to which the possibility of obesity increases and gradually the level of bad cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood also starts increasing. In such a situation, if you want to reduce your weight and do not want to increase cholesterol, then avoid eating refined flour.

what happens if you eat too much flour
Eating refined flour increases the blood sugar level rapidly, due to which glucose starts accumulating in the blood. Which produces chemical reactions in the body. Due to which the risk of getting cataract and heart diseases starts looming.

bones are weak
Maida is made from flour, but in the process of making maida, all the protein of the flour is destroyed. Due to which it becomes acidic, which works to weaken the bones by pulling calcium from the bones.

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