Xiaomi MI Smart Rist BAND 5 Review

The MI company has once again come to market with a new fitness band. This time the company has brought MI 5 Smart Band to its customers. This band is part of the series of MI fitness bands. Its screen is larger than the previous band. This band has many updated and new features. You can also connect this band with MI fitness app.

In this band including new features such as a female health tracker, stress monitoring, breathing exercises, remote shutter, and personal activity intelligence (PAI) index to help users assess them. Apart from this, for the first time, the charger has also been included in the MI band.

Bigger display than MI 4

The design of this band is different than some of the previous bands. The display size of this band is much larger than other bands. It has a touch-sensitive button under the 1.1-inch (126×294 pixels) AMOLED touchscreen, which has a 16-bit color range. The weight of this band is only 11.6g. Due to which there will be no effect on your wrist.

More than 100 interfaces for the first time

This time for the first time MI’s Band offers over 100 Watch Face options, in categories such as Workout, Arts, Science & Technology, Business, Fashion and more. There are some great options to choose from, including animated ones, and it helps the otherwise bland display look bizarre. Which you can access by connecting to MI FIT app.

Band also has PAI

This time the personality activity intelligence index has also been included in this band of MI. Which is calculated using gender, age, heart rate, and other data points. This new system is designed to help users stay motivated, and you have to keep your score at or near 100 to be considered “fit” by the device.

It gives you daily scores based on your workouts, and also gives suggestions based on the data collected. The Mi Fit app also lets you customize heart rate monitoring. You can choose the measurement frequency, alertness value, and even whether the band should monitor the activity while working out. You can also enable random stress monitoring to measure stress levels while you are resting.

11 professional game modes instead of 5

This time the badge includes 11 professional game modes of 5. These include outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, indoor cycling, walking, elliptical machine, rowing machine, yoga, jump rope, pool swimming and freestyle. Which will keep an eye on all body movements during your game and will give you updates about it.

Waterproof MI BAND

This is Band 5 ATM Waterproof. You can use this bed in the swimming pool and also take bath time. This bed will not have any effect due to water. Apart from this it also packs 512KB of RAM and 16MB of storage, and supports Bluetooth 5. The sensors on the board include a three-axis acceleration sensor, three-axis gyroscope and a PPG heart rate monitor. The Mi Smart Band 5 is compatible with phones running Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above.

REM detection in Mi Band

There are very few smart beds that record your breathing speed even at bedtime or your heart beat track. But Xiaomi has added REM detection to the Mi Smart Band 5, which results in more detailed information about the quality of your sleep. This band is one of the few beds that tracks your heart beat and oxygen speed even at bedtime. Apart from this, this bed also tells you whether you have slept well or not. If it does not, then it also gives you suggestions for good sleep.

Overall, this band is very useful in less money. The feature of this bed is much better than other bags, which gives you quite good convenience. If you want to buy a good fitness bed then this is a great option for you.

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