Video Camera Camcorder 4K 60FPS Ultra HD Digital WiFi Camera 16X Digital Zoom Recorder 48MP Night Vision with External Microphone, Remote Control, Lens Hood, Stabilizer

Price: $149.99
(as of Jul 24,2021 15:25:25 UTC – Details)

Product Description



The 4k camcorder as a webcam

The 4k camcorder has a webcam function. Connect to your PC via USB and use it with the free software “AMCAP”, which you can use as a webcam for video calls or Livestream.

When it connects to your PC, you will see “MSDC&PC Camera” on the camera screen, select “PC Camera”, and press OK to complete the setup.

Note: The driver will be automatically installed on your PC when you connect for the first time.

Also, if you use a USB hub instead of connecting it directly to the PC it will not install successfully.


Video Camera Wi-Fi Connection

How to Use Wi-Fi Connection:

1. Keep the video camera in standby mode after being turned on, long press the MENU/Wi-Fi for 3 seconds to open WIFI signal source. The camera screen displays WIFI name and password.

2. Check Wi-Fi setting on Mobile phone or Tablet, find the WIFI source name shown on camera, click to connect and input the WIFI password shown on camera.

Connecting the APP with the Video Camera:

After successful connection, users can operate the video camera through the App to browse albums and download files from the video camera to the phone or tablet for sharing, as well as remote control through App operation.


Remote Control

The 4K video camera camcorder have a remote control, we suggest the effect distance in 5 meters. You can use the remote control to operate the 4K video camera more easily, more lightweight and faster.







External Microphone

The microphone adopts X-Y stereo pickup technology, clear and stable sound image localization. Built-in low cut filter switch for effective ambient low frequency noise reduction. Install on the camera or DSLR to pick up high quality sound video. It can be used as web-microphone as well.

Note: The external microphone only fits on KOT 4K Video camera camcorder.

Lens Hood

How to Use:

The hood has 3 parts to attach it to the camera.

To mount it, you need to press down and then tighten it.

The camera equipped with a lens hood to filter out excess stray light, avoid lens flare, and help you get a better quality image.

It can not only block excess light and protect your camcorder lens from accidental damage, but also improves the photos overall color and contrast.

Foldable Handheld Stabilizer Holder

The camcorder is equipped with a handheld stand for good image and video stability.

Warm Tips:

Please read the user manual carefully before using the 4k video camera. The 4k video camera is designed for amateurs rather than professional users.

Please charge the battery up to 8 hours the first time you use it. If it full charged can be sustainable 2.5-3.0 hours.

Please format the SD card before using the camera (to avoid system failure), SD card is not included in the package.

Package Included:

(1) 1 X USB cable (2) 1 X Lens Hood (3) 1 X HDMI cable (4) 1 X USB charger (5) 1 X User manual

(6) 1 X Remote Control (7) 1 X Kot 4K camcorder (8) 1 x Handheld Stabilizer (9) 1 X Stereo Microphone

(10) 1 X 3.5mm Connector cable (11) 1 X Reusable camcorder bag (12) 2 X Rechargeable lithium battery


Digital Zoom: 16X.(The camcorder zoom belong to the “Digital Zoom”, without “auto focus” feature.)

Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium battery. Menu Language: Support multiple languages. TV Output: NTSC/PAL. USB Interface: USB 2.0.

WIFI Transmission: Support. Date-Time: Support. Beep Sound: High,MIddle,Low,Turn off. Video Sound: Support.

Camera Lens: Fixed lens,Aperture F/2.0,Focal distance f=7.36mm. Display Screen: 3.0 inch capacitive touch screen 270 degree rotation.

White Balance: Automatic/Sunny/Cloudy/Incandescent/Fluorescent. Image Sensor: 13 megapixels CMOS image sensor, max 48.0 mega pixels.

Operating system requirements: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7/8/10,Mac 10.2. File format:image format : JPG,video format :MP4.

IR-CUT: IR-CUT light filter. Motion Detection: Support. Self-timer Mode: 3s/5s/10s/20s.Fill-in Light: IR light for night vision.

IR Night Vision: Support infrared shooting. Loop Recording: 3mins/5mins/10mins/OFF. Automatically Off: 3mins/5mins/10mins/OFF.

Exposure Compensation: -3.0 EV to + 3.0 EV. Sensitivity: Automatic, 100,200,400,800,1600,3200,6400. Operation Modes: Normal Record,Slowly Record,Loop Record,Time Record.Normal Picture,Auto Picture,Continue Picture,Time Picture.

Storage: External SD card(support 128GB at maximum,please format the SD card before use the camera,the SD card is not included in the package).

Video Resolution: 4K(60FPS);4K(30FPS); 2.7K(30FPS);1080P(120FPS); 1080P(60FPS);1080P(30FPS);720P(240FPS);720P(60FPS);720P(30FPS).

Photo Resolution: 48M (8000 × 6000); 36M (6880 × 5160); 24M (5600 × 4200);20M (5120 × 3840); 16M (4640 × 3480);12M (4032 × 3024)

Stereo Microphone & Remote Control: 4K camcorder comes with a external stereo microphone, good for conferences, symposiums, media interviews, speeches, course recording and film making. The 4K video camera camcorder have a remote control, we suggest the effect distance in 5 meters. The 4k camcorder can be used as a webcam, connect the camcorder to your computer with a USB cable and select PC Camera mode.
Wi-Fi Camcorder & IR Night Vision: Wi-Fi cannot connect directly to the router. Download “RoadCam” APP at App Store, then you can control the 4k camcorder with your tablet or smart phone (9.8 feet effected)to preview, browse images or download files from the camera to mobile phone or tablet for sharing, both while taking photos or filming. Record in the dark with the IR light, this function has no influence over video and photo functions and the color is in black and white.
4K Camera Camcorder Features : Ultra hd mode, Slowly Record, Loop Record, Time Record, Auto Picture, Photo interval, Continue & Time Picture, White Balance, Exposure setting, Metering mode, Sharpness, Sensitivity, Time watermark, beep sound with internal microphone, speaker, USB port 2.0,TV output PAL/NTSC, multi-Languages,operating system requirements Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac 10.2.
What You Get: A light weight 4K camcorder bag which is perfect for storage and carrying. The 4K camera can support storage external SD/TF card (128GB at maximum). 1/4 inch standard tripod and external 37MM(1.46 inch) lens (SD card ,tripod and external lens are NOT INCLUDED). The 4K camera can support standard tripod (the tripod not included).

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Wo lamhe bhi bade hasin lagte the

Wo lamhe bhi bade hasin lagte theJo college me ghumte hue nikalte the Wo bachpan k kisso se sarabor honaCollege...

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