Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best

Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best


Resident Evil celebrates 25 years as the main survival franchise in the gaming industry. Throughout its decade and a half, the Resident Evil series has found some of the highest and most low-profile gaming sites. Therefore, the Tech-radar team has established the S.A.R.S. its unit to measure the best games in the series.

For simplicity, we have adhered to the basic entries of the Resident Evil series and redesign. With the possibility that Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Revelations 2 are possible, unfortunately we have to leave them sponsoring the games that Capcom has put in front and center.

The next 12 Resident Evil games are rated according to the average rating of the team, from the smallest to the best. So without further ado, let’s find out which Resident Evil games have turned into Crimson Heads nearby, and are left shambling with no members on the ground.

  1. Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best

Guessing, the controversial Resident Evil 6 finds itself at the bottom of our list. That is not to say that the game is basically awesome, as it is still fun to be around with a gun game that satisfies Resi 6 and a surprisingly great boss encounter.

Where Resident Evil 6 fails, however, it is in the way of “many chefs” in its construction. Resident Evil Games usually focus on a small selection of mainstay characters, but Resident Evil 6 throws a ton of them into different campaigns. This scattering method leaves each campaign feeling uncooked due to lack of focus.

However, the critical view of Resident Evil 6 has softened since its release in 2012, and while it may represent a low-key place in the series, it is still worth playing if you like Resident Evil’s transition to a terrifying action and don’t worry about the absurd story.

  1. Resident Evil Zero

Originally released on Gamecube in 2002, Resident Evil Zero used high-quality pre-rendered Resident Evil Remake displays, but impressive graphics could not really save this prequel from losing brand in many ways.

Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best

Resident Evil Zero is focused on S.T.A.R.S. doctor Rebecca Chambers as she tries to join her team after being separated hours before the Spencer Mansion incident. Along with Billy Coen’s escaped sentence, players switched between two characters to fight in multiple locations revealing the dark history of Umbrella Corporation.

Players can switch between Rebecca and Billy by pressing a button, and the mechanic is often used to solve puzzles and test sections independently of each other. It’s a clean idea, but the weirdness of leaving storage boxes seriously disrupts the experience, where players have to remember where to leave the essentials to be picked up over time.

  1. Resident Evil 5

The Resident Evil 5 had some great shoes to complete the Resident Evil 4 rise, and the hype to follow would not be high during its promotional cycle. So, has Resident Evil 5 moved? Not really, but that doesn’t mean it’s disappointing – far from it, in fact, like Resident Evil 5 despite its flaws is a good game in itself.

Resident Evil 5 takes its leading characters Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar to Africa where they will finally compete with Albert Wesker. Aside from the surprisingly powerful sales, Resident Evil 5 remains one of the most controversial controversies in the series, taking it even further into a terrifying survival action guide, as well as planning and selection of enemies that some thought were irrelevant.

Resident Evil 5 was undoubtedly distracted by the capture of time at the time, too, as it was full of dark brown to brown shots that many shot at the time. As a result, Resident Evil 5 does not look as good as its peers.

For all its flaws, however, Resident Evil 5 retains some of the strongest collaborative experience in all games. The whole campaign benefits from second-party participation, and is definitely the preferred way to play the game, as your partner’s AI in one player leaves a lasting impression.

Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best

  1. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis ,

Resident Evil 3 has booked Capcom’s first trilogy on PS1, and it is different compared to its predecessor: Resident Evil 2. A more direct game than its two predecessors, Resident Evil 3 has placed the icon of the series Jill Valentine in the heart of Raccoon Municipality as it makes its final effort a permanent escape.

Resident Evil 3 is a smaller scale game than Resident Evil 2, and reused many areas of that game, but got enough rights to do so. Jill is more comfortable in battle than Leon and Claire, able to use a wide range of weapons, dodge evasive and ammo art. That’s a pretty good thing, if you look at the threat that represents a titular villain.

Resident Evil 3 introduced Nemesis, an Umbrella bio weapon designed to end the lives of S.T.A.R.S. members. Nemesis is brutally cruel, able to chase Jill between the rooms – the first in the series. He’s fast and very powerful, but if you can get him down, the game offers extra rewards every time you do.

While Resident Evil 3 may not be as well remembered as the games it took on the background, it strengthened Jill as one of the coolest characters in the series and became one of the protagonists of the ever-present video game for women.

  1. Resident Evil 3 Remake

Jill Valentine, despite being a fan favorite character, was sadly left to the wayside by Capcom after the release of Resident Evil: Revelations. The Resident Evil 3 Remake marked her grand return, though, and it’s easily one of her best depictions in the series.

Now, Resident Evil 3’s remake isn’t perfect by any means. It’s noticeably rushed in places, with the returning Nemesis feeling nowhere near as threatening as before and acting far more predictably. Resident Evil 3’s legendary clock tower section was also bizarrely cut from the remake, leaving a game that despite its quality, still feels a little incomplete.

The game is still supremely enjoyable and replayable, though, with a brilliant opening section set in Raccoon City, and a well-written script featuring fantastic banter between main characters Jill and Carlos Oliveira, and the psychopathic Nikolai puts on one hell of an entrancing performance.


  1. Resident Evil – Code: Veronica

Debuting on the Sega Dreamcast in 2000, Code: Veronica was Resident Evil’s first big foray into true 3D environments, leaving pre-rendered backgrounds to the wayside for the time being. That proved to be a bad move in hindsight, as the dated visuals can’t hold a candle to the finely aged pre-rendered visuals of the original trilogy.

A follow-up of sorts to Resident Evil 2, Code: Veronica stars Claire Redfield as she infiltrates the Umbrella-backed Rockfort Island in search of her brother Chris. She’s joined by Steve Burnside – perhaps the most annoying character in the series’ history – and the two work to find Chris while simultaneously stopping the diabolical Ashford twins.

Code: Veronica doesn’t do much different from its predecessors, and it ironically feels a tad more dated thanks to bland level design, long-winded puzzles and tiresome backtracking. However, the delightful Alfred Ashford straddles the line between goofy and downright creepy, making for one of the series’ most entertaining villains.


  1. Resident Evil

The game that started it all, the original PS1 version of Resident Evil might be best remembered today for its cringeworthy dialogue and voice acting, but that doesn’t change just how impressive a game Resident Evil was for its time.

The Spencer Mansion is oozing with a brooding atmosphere, made especially tense by the game’s strict focus on ammo and resource management. It’s genuinely difficult to dispatch every undead threat the mansion throws at you, and the path of least resistance is often a preferred method of progression, especially as fiercer enemy types (like the dreaded Hunters) are introduced later on in the game.

Resident Evil started the series off right, setting the groundwork for multiple playable characters, superb replay value, creepy bosses and a vast, hostile environment to not only explore, but attempt to survive in. For many, it’s still the purest Resi experience available.


  1. Resident Evil Remake

Everything Resident Evil accomplished back in 1996, its remake completely eclipsed six years later. So much so that Resident Evil Remake must have been Capcom’s intended vision for the original that was neutered due to the hardware limitations of the time.

The remake didn’t have to worry about that, though, using the graphical power of the Gamecube and stunning pre-rendered backgrounds. The refurbished Spencer Mansion is arguably the scariest location in the series, and the new ferocious Crimson Head enemy type definitely made us think twice about wantonly slaying zombies left and right!

Resident Evil Remake wasn’t just a pretty face, though, as it expanded on the original with new bosses and story content. We’ll never forget new threat Lisa and her chillingly dark backstory that feels more suited to a cerebral horror experience like Silent Hill.

  1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

After a deluge of middling action-oriented outings for the series, Capcom must have felt the Resident Evil series was ailing. As such, Resident Evil 7 represented a “back to the drawing board” moment for the series, and it felt like such a breath of fresh air because of it.

Resident Evil 7 is something of a soft reboot for the series. It’s set in the established canon, but stars a host of new characters, including Ethan Winters who the player takes control of. Ethan’s off to Louisiana to investigate a rumor that his missing wife has been located. Poor Ethan gets in way over his head, however, as the Bakers – a Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque family of mutated murderers – stalk his every move.

Resident Evil 7 possesses something that many games in the series lack: it’s genuinely scary. Resident Evil 7’s first-person perspective and tight field of view went hand in hand with the disgustingly ghoulish rural setting.

If the quality of Resident Evil 7 is anything to go by, we can’t help but be very excited for its sequel, Resident Evil Village, currently slated for a worldwide release of May 7.


  1. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is Capcom’s crowning achievement on the PS1, and it’s especially impressive that it turned out as well as it did given its well-documented troubled development.

Resident Evil 2 introduced series mainstay characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, the sister of the first game’s Chris, as they fight their way through a fully zombified Raccoon City in the wake of the Spencer Mansion Incident.

Resident Evil 2 leaned more in an action-oriented direction than the first game, with higher concentrations of zombies to wade through, but it was far from lacking in the scares department. The terrifying skinless Licker enemy debuted in Resident Evil 2, and remains one of the series’ most dangerous and feared monsters.

Resident Evil 2 is best remembered for its excellent use in reviving the campaign around its two leading characters. There is a constant timeline between both Claire and Leon’s campaigns, and both have an unseen “B” variation that drastically changes things, as well as adding an extra layer of difficulty.

Happily, Resident Evil 2 took the lead in the work of Hideki Kamiya, who worked as the game’s director. Aside from his brilliant direction or sequel success, we may not have been welcomed by the likes of the original May May Devil and Okami, Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101, all of which were also directed by Kamiya.


  1. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is a game that – for better or worse – has taken the series in a whole new way. Honestly, there is very little you can say about Resident Evil 4 that has never been done before, as its famous status speaks for itself. Not only is Resident Evil 4 one of the best games in the series, it is also one of the best games ever. Time.

The Resident Evil 4 upgrade is in a state of disrepair and the sound sounds like it could be an undeniable disaster, but the quality of the gameplay, amazing navigation and clever design combined by the developers made them real lightning in a bottle of Capcom. Of course, the bar placed very high by Resident Evil 4 is rarely removed by Capcom or any other manufacturer.

Resident Evil 4 is one of the few games that feels like it can be repeated indefinitely, thanks to its unobtrusive mode and the New Game Plus feature, where players can continue and repeat the campaign to empower Leon and his weapons more. And who can forget the Mercenaries? This mind-boggling addiction minigame could have been – and ultimately been in the Nintendo 3DS – the game itself.

It may be one of the best games in the series, but Resident Evil 4 is also one of the most amazing. In any other game, surviving a horrible rural town to be followed by a detained castle bound by a sick Spanish child can be a serious case of tonal whiplash. However, the flawless navigation of Resident Evil 4 and the fun-filled script makes it easy to operate.

Resident Evil 4 is so good that we have a hard time imagining that its retrieval of the rumors is likely to come to life. But with the amazing explosion and limitations of our No. 1 selection made more than its counterpart, we are thrilled to see Capcom try.

  1. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Okay, the re-release of Resident Evil 2 is a TechRadar selection for the best Resident Evil game of all time. Why? Yes, just as Capcom had benefited from its redesign of the first game, Resident Evil 2 of 2019 has set a whole new standard of how good it can be if given enough time to develop, paired with a team that has grown up obviously playing real and knew what made it so special.

This rethinking of Ronco and Claire’s Raccoon City romp gave new life and a new perspective to the prestigious venues of Resident Evil 2. The museum that has become the building of the Raccoon City police department has never looked and felt too scary to explore. Both are extremely reliable local entertainment at Re RE, and one at a time feels like it has its own new landscapes and amazing attractions.

At the moment, zombies have no pushovers, which are revived from mere fodder to really dangerous obstacles that require the right amount of resources to unload. Zombies can pretend to be dead, only in them to back up and surprise you. They also have clever limb injuries, giving players the opportunity to disrupt the zombie movement and violence by shooting their limbs. Licker also received shocking updates, clever and harder to kill than ever.

Interestingly, Resident Evil 2 Remake also retains additional tracks from the original, including a variant of the “B” campaign for both Claire and Leon, a brutal little 4th Survivor minigame and comedy partner, The Tofu Survivor, in which he plays a large block, with the feeling of tofu armed with a knife only.

However, none of this is the biggest success of Resident Evil 2 Remake. That would have been a great and terrible Master X, an enemy of realism, but now fearsome and indescribable forces are constantly attacking the RCPD halls looking for Claire and Leon.

Master X is no joke in this as he is able to move quickly, deal with great damage in an instant, and use the game-level layout and enemy placement. Mr. X knows the structure of the building better than you do, and has a tendency to appear in real bad times.

Resident Evil 2 Remake  is a flawless retrieval of an already fun horror game. Simply put, it does almost everything right, and it offers its own creative twists to events we thought we knew. In a nutshell, Resident Evil 2 is everything that needs to be redesigned that you should aspire to and more.

Resident evil

Screen shot  Resident Evil 6 refer from official website

Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best Resident Evil games are rated from the worst to the best

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