Can Eating Banana Peels Help You Lose Weight?

Can Consuming Banana Peels Assist You Lose Weight?

Well being‘s contributing vitamin editor, Cynthia Sass, RD, weighs in on the newest weight reduction declare

“Particularly, you’ll enhance your total fiber content material by no less than 10 % as lots of dietary fiber will be discovered within the pores and skin of the banana,” Australian nutritionist Susie Burrell wrote in a blog sponsored by Australian Bananas. “You’ll get virtually 20 % extra vitamin B6 and virtually 20 % extra vitamin C and you’ll enhance each your potassium and magnesium consumption.


She doesn’t counsel munching on the skins however cooking the pores and skin to melt it first, which can “break down a number of the cell partitions throughout the pores and skin serving to to make the vitamins simply to soak up,” then mixing it into recipes or smoothies.

She additionally maintains that the colour of your banana pores and skin makes a distinction nutritionally. Inexperienced banana skins are each wealthy within the amino acid tryptophan (related to good sleep high quality) and likewise in resistant starch, which can profit intestine well being. A ripened banana with yellow pores and skin boasts the next proportion of antioxidants related to anti-cancer results, she says.

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However earlier than you begin boiling your banana skins, remember the fact that whereas banana peels are edible and do have some proven nutritional value, scientific proof to again up Burrell’s weight reduction claims is missing.

“There isn’t a printed analysis on this, so we don’t know for sure how consuming them could affect weight reduction,” Well being’s contributing vitamin editor, Cynthia Sass, RD, explains. Whereas theoretically vitamins like fiber, prebiotics, and antioxidants could assist with weight reduction, as a result of the research are missing, there is no such thing as a established kind (inexperienced versus ripe), certain quantity/dose, prep technique, or frequency (every day, weekly, and many others.) tied to a certain amount of weight misplaced over a given time frame. “I don’t assume it’s completely essential to attempt to incorporate them into your weight-reduction plan,” she says.

Provides New York Metropolis-based nutritionist Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN: “There are such a lot of extra fulfilling methods to get fiber generally—and resistant starch specifically. I’d a lot quite advocate somebody get pleasure from a bowl of oatmeal or snack on some hummus, or add oats or beans to scrumptious recipes.

For those who do resolve to present them a attempt, Sass encourages you to decide on USDA licensed natural, and wash them properly to keep away from pesticide residues. “You can too begin with a small quantity and incorporate into dishes with elements that assist counter the flavour, like a smoothie with candy fruit and a contact of ginger root or vanilla,” she suggests.

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