9-year-old child made Pyraminx cubic, created world record, entered name in Limca Book of Records

9-year-old child made Pyraminx cubic, created world record, entered name in Limca Book of Records

It is said that the mind of some children is very vicious in childhood. Due to which they show some amazing feats in their childhood, which many people are unable to do in their lifetime.
Today we are going to tell you about one such child, who shocked everyone with his work at the age of just 9 years. This child earned two international awards at such a young age.
The name of this child is SP Shankar. Which won two international awards at such a young age in a record time, solving the Pyraminx in its own unique ways. His parents are very happy and proud on Shankar’s work.

Started solving puzzles from the age of 6

SP Shankar’s mother told that the young boy had picked up the popular puzzle at the age of six and a cube was constantly seen in his hand. Ever since it has a strong interest in puzzles and cubic.

Mother proud to enter name in Limca Book Record

SP Shankar’s mother Mangla Kumar said “I am very proud that Shankar has achieved two world records and a Limca Book of Records at such a tender age. He started losing his hands at the age of six and after three years he has managed to achieve two world records.”

Mangala further said that every day and night he has a cube in his hand. When they started drawing the cube, they could only solve one side. Eventually, he was able to resolve all sides and started speedcubing. Now he is able to solve a megamix (a type of rubic cube with 12 faces).

Father said – learned by watching videos on YouTube

SP Shankar’s Subramaniam said, “He watches many YouTube videos on speedcubing. Initial interest occurred when he received a cube as his birthday gift earlier this year. He received special training from experts to improve his speed.”

He added, “Coincidentally, he is also a good skater, so he tried to make a record. Similarly, he expressed interest in trying to solve Pyraminx by suspending himself upside down. We were hesitating at first but his In view of the growing interest we encouraged him and now he has set two world records. ”

Atharva set world record before SP Shankar’s in 2017

SP Shankar’s before in 2017 Atharva participated in his first competition organized by the World Cube Association (WCA) in Bengaluru to solve 2x2x2 and 3x3x3 cube and also won an award.
Atharva said that at first, I took 186 minutes to solve a 3x3x3 cube, which improved in 30 seconds said Atharva, who also trained in solving rubik’s cube blind. The award inspired me to participate in more competitions in the future. Nobody was looking back. I competed in as many competitions during my summer vacation. I participated in 28 competitions organized by the World Cube Association and solved 1,106 puzzles so far”.

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